Orchids buds falling off (How to Save them)

Hi and welcome to another post jam packed with orchid care tips.
I know it’s been a while since my last post to you, I hope you are keeping well.
In this time I have been busy raising my beautiful daughter Aviana and recently my wife and I welcomed the arrival of our second child Jackson. To say we are both blessed and very busy would be stating the obvious.
In the meantime, I have received lots of questions on how best to care for orchids.
One of the most common is:
‘My orchid flower buds shrivel and fall off my orchids before they open?  Why?’
Healthy orchid plants that have buds fall off the stem before they have a chance to open are suffering from “bud blast”.
This can be caused due to rapid changes inenvironment and even air pollutants such as smoke, paint thinner or aerosol sprays and ethylene gas that is released from ripening fruit.
Are you moving your orchid around the house daily?  Is there a cold or hot draft that might be affecting it?
Or is it sitting on the kitchen table near your fruit bowl?
Orchids are sensitive to any sudden changes in their environment – and they’re particularly sensitive to rapid changes in
One of the most common reasons why a newly purchased orchid will suddenly lose its flowers is because the plant goes through ”shock” when it is suddenly introduced to a new environment – namely your home.
You can prevent bud blast and flower blast by closely monitoring your orchids temperature changes. Protect orchids from
sudden cool and heat temperatures changes like strong air conditioning/heating or drafts from windows/doors.

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